Artisan Cheese Kit


Cheddar, Havarti, Feta... and more!

Take the cheese journey around the world with the guys and gals from Mad Millie.

Now you may think that a brick of Tasty from the supermarket is as good as it gets. No?

Cheesemaking made easy and fun

We're willing to bet you won't look back after you've sampled everything this kit can do:

  • Fresh stringy mozzarella on a slice of Capricciosa pizza
  • Ricotta and spinach in your Friday night canelloni
  • A dollop of Mascarpone with your raspberry chocolate cake
  • Crumbly Feta with your roast beetroot and hazelnut salad
  • Homemade Halloumi in a burger with a medium rare spring lamb patty and aioli
  • A cheeky Cheddar with quince paste, crackers and a bottle of Shiraz
  • Soft, creamy and pungent Havarti on a slice of rye bread with a Pilsner...

And there are still another 12 different types of cheese you can make from this kit! 10kg of it!

]This deluxe beginners' kit combines our Fresh Cheese Kit and Italian Cheese Kit with hard cheeses, a cheese wax and melting bowl and the hard cheese press.

This kit contains all the equipment and ingredients to make up to 20 batches (10 kg in total) of cheese. Except the milk, of course.

Kit Includes

  • Hard cheese press
  • cheese wax and melting bowl
  • feta moulds (2)
  • pipette
  • thermometer
  • small ricotta basket with container
  • vegetarian rennet tablets (20)
  • artisan's cheese salt
  • calcium chloride
  • cheese cloth
  • citric acid
  • cheese mat
  • steriliser
  • mesophilic starter culture (MW3)
  • curd knife
  • culture and enzyme measuring spoons
  • draining spoon
  • anatto colourant
  • instruction manual and recipe booklet.

PLEASE NOTE: The mesophilic culture is shelf stable for 8 months at temperatures under 25 degrees celcius. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture. The culture contains a very small amount of dairy.

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