Stainless Steel Microbrewery - all you need to brew your first 23L of Craft Beer!

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Now you can make your own beer in style. This stainless steel beauty takes the home brewing to another level but is just as easy to use.

Because you SHOULD be making your own beer - the stuff you get by the dozen from the supermarket for $25 isn't all that hot if we're honest, right? And who can afford to pay $120 a dozen for the decent, hand crafted stuff.

So this is what you want. This baby can make 23 litres of beer ready for bottling in about 2 weeks. Stainless steel is a big step up from a plastic fermenter. The initial cost is a bit higher but the results will put a much bigger grin on your face, so it's worth it:

  1. Beer likes the dark. In fact, daylight will spoil the beer, so unless you have a dark space to put your fermenter - stainless is the way to go.
  2. It's easy to clean. Cleanliness is important in brewing and food grade stainless steel is ideal. 

This is quality kit that will give you plenty of beer and even more enjoyment because there is huge satisfaction in brewing your own beer.

The box contains everything you need for your first batch. You just need bottles - either re-use ones you've already enjoyed the contents of or check out our 750ml PET bottles or our 500ml or 750ml flip-top glass bottles.

If you decide to re-ose bottles, we have a bag of crown caps and a dual-lever capper you can check out.

We want you to have fun with this and if against all odds you get stuck, please get in touch and we'll do what we can to help you out. Been there - done that! 

The kit contains the “Robber's Gold” from the new “Brewery Box” series. This kit contains 3 kg of malt, hops for dry hopping and the British Ale Yeast to make the perfect craft brew. We're planning to carry a range of these kits - let us know what kind of beer you like and we'll try to stock it for you.

You can of course also use the other Craft Series kits. Both beer and cider.

This home microbrewery really is the best homebrew starter kit on the market. Perfect for those new to home brewing but well versed in good beer.

Guarantees you will impress from the very first brew!


Makes: 23 L of Robber's Gold Craft Beer


  • Robber’s Gold, Golden Ale Brewery BoxContains 3 kg bespoke malt, specialised yeast and world class aroma hops for making delicious golden ale beer. Designed to brew beer as good as what you get at the local craft brewery. 
  • Stainless Steel Fermenter with Thermometer – High grade # 304 stainless steel for professional results. 
  • Brewer’s Spoon
  • Bottle Brush
  • Hydrometer
  • Carbonation Drops
  • Cleaners and Sterilisers
  • Bottling Attachment     

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