Sausage Making Kit


Sausages - the butt-end of many a joke about snouts and trotters, offal swept up off the floor, etc. And let's be honest... no smoke without fire, right? We've all experienced a piece of unidentified gristle in a saveloy...

You REALLY should be making your own sausages from scratch. We can't emphasise enough how absolutely rewarding this is.

Just imagine going to your butcher or supermarket, picking a nice piece of meat (make sure it's got plenty of fat on it for best results), rummaging the pantry for your favourite herbs and spices and then grinding and mixing it all together.

There are plenty of recipes and inspiration on our Pinterest Sausage board. Experiment - go nuts (in fact why not add nuts... pistachios with pork and apple, delicious)!

And there's no waiting around either - what you make in the afternoon can be on the BBQ by tea-time!

Manage the family likes, dislikes and allergies - control exactly what goes into the bangers and take sausages from fast food to gourmet cuisine. No more MSG, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers... just fresh, beautiful meat and seasonings.

This kit includes a heavy duty stainless steel meat grinder, with three different sized stuffing attachments, a meat plunger and collagen casings. We are aware that collagen casings are perhaps not the gourmet's first choice and we are seeking a supplier for natural casings, but in the meantime, they are excellent to practice with for your first few batches.

The super solid grinder attaches to a bench with a clamp and has rubber feet to protect the surface. There is also a range of delicious sausage recipes using different fresh meats and tasty ingredients. This is perfect for the true artisan cook!

This kit contains:

  • Stainless steel meat grinder with rubber feet clamp
  • grinding plate
  • stuffing plate
  • mincing blade
  • meat plunger
  • sausage stuffing attachments (3 sizes: 15mm, 20mm, 23mm diameters)
  • collagen casings (2 rolls: 10m long, 30mm diameter)
  • recipes
  • instruction booklet

Note: The mincer has an attachment which fits to a table top or bench with a thickness up to 38mm.

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