Starter Brewery Kit


You really should be making your own beer. The stuff you get by the dozen from the supermarket for $25 isn't all that hot if we're honest.

So this is what you want. This baby can make 23 litres of beer ready for bottling in about 2 weeks. For between $1-$2 per litre. That's right. Not $5 per litre like the big brand lagers or $20 like the craft beers.

And it's good stuff. IPAs, Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts... the list is endless, just about.

So, if you save $3 per litre, after the first batch you've made up most of the cost of the kit and every batch after that is sweet, sweet liquid savings!

This is quality kit that will give you plenty of beer and even more enjoyment because there is huge satisfaction in brewing your own beer.

The box contains everything you need for your first batch. You just need bottles - either re-use ones you've already enjoyed the contents of or check out our 750ml PET bottles or our 500ml or 750ml flip-top glass bottles.

If you decide to re-use bottles, we have a bag of crown caps and a dual-lever capper you can check out.

We want you to have fun with this and if against all odds you get stuck, please get in touch and we'll do what we can to help you out. Been there - done that!

Equipment Included:

  • 30 L Barrel, Lid, Tap & Stick-on Digital Thermometer
  • Bubbler Airlock & Grommet
  • Hydrometer
  • Brewer's Spoon 39 cm
  • Copper Tun Cleaner / Detergent 
  • Copper Tun No Rinse Steriliser
  • Brew Bottler
  • Sediment Reducer
  • 1 x Standard Brush
Ingredients Included:
  • Mangrove Jack's Traditional Series Pouch
  • Mangrove Jack’s Brew Enhancer
  • Copper Tun Beer Finings 5 g sachet
  • Copper Tun Carbonation Drops x 60

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